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HErose is a prayer application designed to allow individuals to post their prayers and testimonies while remaining anonymous if they want to. Any person from any religion, culture, race, gender and country is welcome to use the application and post a prayer. The application allows your prayer to reach the hands of everyone worldwide and you can be assured that someone will see it and pray for you. In addition you will receive notification of this and also know where the prayers are coming from.

The needs highlighted in the prayers will be used to help improve community service and start to meet the real needs that people have rather than doing what we feel people need.

You can also view what events by the members of the HErose app that are happening in your area and decide to either attend or get involved in them.

Finally, you can also find a place of worship, so whether you don’t know where they are or going on holiday to a new location, you can always find God somewhere.

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