abc flashcard songs app

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abc flashcard songs app

LAUNCHED in 2014 as EDITORS’ CHOICE for iPad

AWARDED APP STORE BEST OF 2014 – No.1 Best New App

– No.1 Best for Ages 5 & Under – No.1 Education App

abc flashcard songs has been specially devised by teachers for children to learn the phonetic alphabet as well as new vocabulary.

abc flashcard songs has over 40 beautifully hand illustrated interactive pages which instantly engages the child’s attention. Each flashcard has a fun and catchy phonic song.

The game is to find and collect all the images that begin with the specific letter sound and the score is recorded on a star tally.

The phonics matching game enables the child to consolidate their phonics learning..

“This app is a pre-school teacher’s dream”…

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Hip Hop Hen
Corona, iOS, Mobile App Development