More often than not, companies start out with great intentions when it comes to updating their website. We’re always asked to include a ‘blogging’ feature in order to post updates and news. The problem is that this is often forgotten after a few months and left unattended. Few people realise exactly how important this feature is. Let me explain….

Search Engine Optimisation

We cannot hammer this point home enough. Client’s always want their website to appear at the top of Google Search Engine Results Pages. What they don’t realise is just how much work it takes to get there and stay there. Google loves fresh, relevant content. Your blog can provide this to them. The more regular the updates, the more ‘fuel’ it provides for Google to rank you on. Never underestimate the power of well written content when posting updates.

Knowledge is power

Statistics are showing that more and more businesses are turning to the internet to find new suppliers. A simple ‘brochure’ website won’t convince a potential client anymore. Establishing yourself as the expert in the field through regular product updates, blog posts and news will show a prospect that you have, not only the right product or service, but you are the expert in the field. Your prospect will want to see that you are passionate about your product/service and that you are constantly updating and evolving. No one wants to work with a stagnant supplier.

Relevance and Recency

There is nothing worse than finding a website with a product or service you require, only to see the last blog post or news update was from 6 months (or more) ago. It leaves the end user wondering if you’re still in business or whether you place value in technology and marketing yourself. Keeping your blog up to date is as much about perception as it is relevancy.

Adapt to change… or be left behind

This is an interesting point. I had a meeting with a client who did not want to divulge any information online about their product or service. They were afraid the competition may catch on and steal their ideas. A quick search of their competitors locally and abroad showed that they were readily pushing out content on their products and service. Chances are, they will be trusted quicker by an end user who is searching for that product. We’re in the information age, if people don’t find what they’re looking for on your site, they will swiftly move along without a second thought.

In South Africa, we are still playing “catch-up” in many regards. Not only in web design but in Search Engine Optimisation and online strategy but in adapting to the way people are now interacting with brands and websites. Content Marketing is becoming an integral part of this mix and there is a lot of room to move here… if you’re quick.