[lead]I get asked this question almost on a daily basis. Whether in casual conversation with friends or in client meetings. It’s by no means an easy question to answer. If you’ve ever sent a brief to a number of web design companies you will end up with quotes that range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. After having spent more than 10 years in the industry, I’ve found that there is an ever increasing divide between web design as a service and web design as a commodity.  Unfortunately there is no standardised way of building a website. There are literally hundreds of frameworks, languages and methodologies that we as web designers and developers can use. The massive gap in pricing, I believe, depends on what is being requested by the client and how that is interpreted by the agency.[/lead]

Websites as a cost (commodity)…

Well lets look a little deeper. I often compare getting a website to printing a brochure or business card and throwing it in to the wind, hoping the right customer will find it and call. Strange for the owner of a web design company to say, right? But if you do not know what you are going to do with your website, and there is no strategy behind it, it’s going to be a cost.  We can easily build a website in a week and simply throw it out in to the vortex that is the world wide web. If we don’t have a set of benchmarks or goals to measure it against, it will be unsuccessful and more often than not leaves the client feeling frustrated. Unfortunately, most people are not made aware of exactly what can be achieved and more importantly, the time and effort that goes in to achieving the predefined goals.

Websites as an investment…

With a proper strategy, solid research and precise execution, your website could be the biggest asset to your business. Few people realise just how precise and measurable the internet allows us marketers to be and even fewer people are willing to pay to find out. When the time and effort is taken to understand exactly what we can achieve and how we will achieve it, your website becomes an investment rather than a cost. It becomes an asset that can work FOR you.

Before even beginning to build your website, we are able to tell you just how much traffic you can expect to receive and through which channels. I often ask people: How much would you pay to have a sales person working for you who had a never-ending Rolodex of hot leads and could meet them 24-7 with the information they needed to convert them. When you view your website as an investment and an important part (if not the cornerstone) of the marketing mix, the price attached begins to make more sense. Compared to a print campaign, your website and the online marketing attached is infinitely more measurable, valuable and responsive.

So how much does a website cost?

My response to this question is almost always, “what do you want your website to achieve?” When you are able to answer this question more accurately you will find the question is rather “how much should I invest?”

The divide between companies offering websites as a cost (commodity) and those that offer it as a service (investment) is growing monthly. This is both a good and bad thing. It leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those who opt for the cheaper pricing due to the fact that their website never actually achieves any measurable impact.

I started HYKANO to break the mould of commoditised web design. We work with our clients to achieve success through the internet. We believe that your website is an investment in to the growth of your company. Recently we launched our Digital Strategy service. We assist clients in developing strategies and writing comprehensive briefs in order to receive accurate quotations for the services they expect. We even project manage the process if you chose not to use our services.


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