There is little doubt that smart phones and tablets are revolutionizing the way we use the internet and interact with brands. In South Africa there are over 10 million active smart phones in circulation according to the Global Mobile Consumer Survey conducted by Deloitte. It is little wonder then, that Apps are becoming an increasingly important channel with which to engage your customer.

So why would your business need a mobile application?

Well, to put it simply, Mobile Internet browsing is set to take over traditional ‘desktop’ browsing in 2015. Mobile Apps build credibility and encourage brand affinity – it’s far easier to engage a user through an app than a website. More and more users are seeing brands with mobile applications as forward-thinking and trustworthy due to their investment in technology.

A mobile app allows you to be connected to your end user at all times. Your information is literally in the palm of their hands 24/7/365. This is a marketers dream. The ability to communicate with a customer whenever and wherever they are.

This is all realised through push notifications and GPS location details. These two features alone are infinitely valuable. They allow you to communicate with your customers in a more personal and timely manner. For example, sending out a Push Notification regarding a special or new product launch or targeting users with a Push Notification based on their geo-location allows you to engage with customers on a personal level.

Your reach is global.

Innovative applications are generating new business opportunities in new markets on a daily basis. Creating a unique experience for your end users opens up many new avenues for new business opportunities. The long term scope of an application allows for changes and updates to be made without affecting the existing customer base or user experience. Simply releasing an updated version will put new features and functionality in to the palm of your users hands with almost no interruption.

With the mobile computing market expanding at an exponential rate, it is important for businesses to get ahead of the competition and provide an innovative and engaging experience for their customers today!

Speak to us about getting an application developed for your business. Our experienced and creative mobile development team will help you find a solution to take your business to the next level.