Internet uptake is increasing exponentially and with the recent shift to mobile computing (tablets & smartphones), more and more people are using the internet every day. If your business isn’t using SEO to push their way to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS), you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

I was recently trying to explain why SEO is so important in the overall marketing mix and I used the following analogy: a website without SEO is a lot like printing a business card and throwing it in to the wind, hoping it lands in the right hands.

SEO is one of the most cost effective and worthwhile exercises you can invest in when it comes to marketing your brand and website. Thinking of SEO as a 24/7 sales person, placing your brand squarely in to the hands of the customers who are searching for your product or service.

[numbers size=”medium” text_color=”#0099df” start=”0″ stop=”92″ icon=”search” suffix=”%”] The 1st page of SERPS gets 92% of all traffic.
[numbers size=”medium” text_color=”#0099df” start=”0″ stop=”33″ icon=”search” suffix=”%”] The 1st position on SERPS get 33% of all traffic
[one_third_last] [numbers size=”medium” text_color=”#0099df” start=”5″ stop=”5″ icon=”search” suffix=”%”] The 2nd Page receives only 5% of traffic
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You see, there are many companies out there who have cottoned on to the fact that most buying decisions start with internet research. Their digital strategies have identified their niche and they are achieving great success through their online endeavours. One needs to simply look at the huge shift that has happened in the print industry – more and more companies have pulled their advertising out of print and placed it straight in to digital marketing efforts.

SEO is the foundation for any online marketing strategy. Ensuring that you occupy the first page of Google Search results will guarantee a higher success rate. The following stats were compiled by ad network Chitika reveal just how important occupying Page 1 really is.


Get to Page 1 of Google

As you can see below results degrade rapidly after the first three positions in the search engine results pages.

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If you do not have an SEO plan, you need to consider this immediately. South Africa is still relatively new to the internet and there are many opportunities to claim your top ranking position on Google for your brand/product/service.

We are SEO specialists and incorporate Google best practices to ensure that you receive the maximum, measurable return on investment. Our SEO team are constantly researching and monitoring what works best and how to leverage current trends to ensure your continued success online.


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