2012 was a big year for South Africa in terms of Ecommerce websites. We saw a number of high street giants take to the online market place and quite a few online newcomers enter the fray. South Africans have typically been quite timid when it comes to ecommerce websites, preferring to keep their credit card details firmly tucked inside their wallet. It seems that 2013 will be a pivotal year for Ecommerce in South Africa. The third annual Mastercard Online Shopping survey has revealed that the public are beginning to see the benefits of shopping online and are set to spend 25% more in 2013 than in 2012. These findings are significant for a number of reasons. Mostly because it will ignite the scramble to get online that was seen in the USA and the UK around 2004. It’s long been touted that South Africa is ten years behind in terms of tech trends but it seems that this gap is set to close very quickly. It is predicted that by 2016 half of our country’s population will be online! That is less than three years away!

The scramble to get online is set to heat up over the next 12 months with more large retailers investing in multi-million Rand solutions. Zando just received a round of funding that should see it compete with many of the SA’s existing retail giants.

We’ve noticed a significant increase in the demand for Ecommerce websites. We have assisted many clients in creating custom solutions that are scalable and competitive.

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