Keeping your website up to date is vital. Not only updating content and imagery but design and functionality too. If you’re in the market for a new website, we’d like to give you a few tips on what to look out for… Recently, there has been a huge shift in web design trends. This has been driven largely by the variety of devices available to browse the web. So what do you need to consider when planning for your new website? In no particular order…

Your old website!

Very few people and even fewer web design companies consider the impact your old website will have on your new website. It’s important to plan for the migration and how Google will index the new website. If your website is achieving results in the Search Engine Results Pages, you certainly don’t want to simply abandon those indexed pages and overwrite them with new URLs. Placing redirects on those pages to ensure Search Engines are guided to the new pages is vital to ensure no traffic is lost through 404 errors.

Responsive Design

A year or two ago, everyone wanted to tap in to the mobile market by creating “Mobi-Sites”. These were great but the execution was tricky. Sometimes these mobi-sites resulted in duplicate content as they rerouted mobile traffic through a separate URL. Search Engines don’t like duplicate content and would often index the pages accordingly. Enter “Responsive Design”. This would adapt your website to fit any screen size and therefore simply re-shuffles your website to fit any screen size. Responsive web- design is now the staple of web designers everywhere. Your new website should definitely be responsive.


I can never stress this point enough and am still shocked at the number of new clients we talk to who do not have some sort of analytics package installed on their website. Knowing your traffic statistics is what having a website is all about. The reason for the growth in Online Marketing is due to how measurable it is. You should know your traffic stats before updating your website to ensure you don’t lose any of it through the update.


Imagery is important. As content is to SEO, so are images are to sales. Websites and Apps such as Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook all clearly illustrate this point. Internet users are stimulated by good imagery. People want to see what they’re buying and they DO NOT want to see the image from a smart phone. Invest in a good photographer to capture your product. It will pay dividends.

Content & keywords

Well written and laid out content is a key component for the success of your new website. A good copywriter will be able to tailor the content of your website to target the keywords you’ve selected. From keyword density to meta data, make sure your content is carefully considered. Search Engines LOVE well written content and your end user will appreciate the fact that you’ve spent the time and effort to answer the questions they have.


Consider your end user. How will they benefit from your website? How will they use your website? What value will they receive by visiting your website. By creating a richer user experience, you will entice your user to come back time and again.

Lastly… How will you market your website?

When considering a new website, consider it as part of the marketing mix. How will you get the message out? What strategy will you use to drive traffic? South Africa is starting to awaken to the competitive nature of the internet with more and more companies investing in Search Engine Optimisation. Ensure you invest in the right online strategy for your business!

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